About ShengYi

J        jiangsu Shengyi Law Firm is a partnership law firm, established according to the document No. 078 in 2000 issued by the Department of Justice of Jiangsu province. It has been operating in accordance with the law since August 28, 2000. There are more than 20 full-time lawyers and a number of assistant lawyers, some of whom worked in the former Changshu Law Firm as early as 1986. Most of the lawyers have attained rich experience and high reputation, and some were awarded as "celebrated lawyer" or "excellent lawyer" by Suzhou Bureau of Justice. The firm has handled many new typed and complicated cases successfully in the fields of intellectual property rights, maritime affairs, financing and securities, receiving widespread praise from various circles of society, especially its clients.

I        in the process of its operating, Shengyi Law Firm has provided satisfying service for both domestic and foreign large-scale enterprises, corporations, banks, non-bank financial intermediaries, investment banks, insurance firms, venture capital funds, network companies and other information technology firms in several law fields, and thus gained rich experience. Its clients include but are not limited to numerous enterprises, institutions and foreign companies, such as Changshu Municipal People's Government, Guli Township People's Government, Shimaoproperty, Changshu SCP Commercial Property, Danieli Group, Jiangsu Tongrun Group, Jiangsu Winwell International Group, Jiangsu Maydiang Group, Lee&Man Chemical Limited, Suwu Group, Nissin Sinotrans, Changshu Sheraton Hotel, Yushan Jinjiang Restaurant, Jiangsu Green Electric, Jiangsu Jiuluwang Dress, Changshu Yukun Real Estate, Henglong Real Estate, Jangsu Jingda Rea Algonquin Co., Ltd., Sugino Changshu Co., Ltd. Besides, the firm is preparing actively to participate in the planning of listing and equity investment of several companies.

S        shengyi Law Firm provides service in a wide range of fields such as company affairs, domestic and international trade, construction and real estate, financing and securities, intellectual property rights, investment and acquisition, litigation and arbitration, etc. It has established intimate and steady business relationships with clients, related government departments and judicial organs, and cooperates with many domestic law firms to provide service for a great number of clients in the fields of both industry and commerce. Therefore, Shengyi Law Firm is able to not only notice timely and understand comprehensively the different needs of its clients, but also grasp the latest movement of the law, providing its clients more timely and efficient law service.

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